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Puka  :3
01 April 2008 @ 11:34

THE WHIP Manchester
Electronica / Pop / Disco House

The WHIPS are coming to ZURICH and I'm so going! Who's coming with me :P

21.Apr.2008 20:00 ABART ZURICH


PS: If you haven't noticed I'm back home XD
Puka  :3
02 Oktober 2007 @ 12:27
To make i short, I'm here :D
Everything is fine, lovely people~
Rest follows later ;)

PS: merci für all die herzige abschiedsgschenkli *_______* you guys are the best!!!
Puka  :3
30 September 2007 @ 23:27
My flight is tomorrow at 11 o'clock *nervous*
If anybody wants to say goodbye you can do so from 9.45 till 10.30 ^-^

I will miss you guys ;__________________;

I'll probably open a new journal for my time staying there and feed you with lots of puka brabbing and pictures *hopefully*

so wait for the link ne ;)

see you in 9 months (or come visit me *hehe*)!!!


PS: keis Wörterbuech uf mim baby also kei english korrektur *chrüch*
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Puka  :3
23 September 2007 @ 23:46
Only 1 week to go...

I promised my mother to clean my room before going to Japan. So we did today and now I'm dead tired...

On Saturday I went with my fathers car to the office (yay now I can also drive "automate") and picked up all the folders/files from my last six years I worked there :3 pretty long time ne...
Somehow I will miss it. I know it was not always easy but you get used to things and especially people you see everyday and somehow I will miss them :3
My former instructor was also there as usual (hard-working person) so my father took the chance to talk to him an thank him for everything he did for me and it ended in a pretty nice conversation and this made it even harder to leave ;A;
He told me that I did a really good job as a superuser (the person who's responsible for the progs. The workers need to tell me what's wrong and I have to discuss it with the informatics in the meetings and search for solutions) well the ones before me were pretty much all the time like: "oh nothing is wrong..." at the meetings but I was the first one who finally said what's wrong~ yay~

So we picked up almost 10 big folders and 6 small ones (my father was shocked XD). At home we had a look through all my old school stuff and I noticed that I really was a "special student"... My grammar was unbelievable wrong!!!! I almost can't imagine that I can write half normal today O___O" I really wonder why?

Example: Notixz Heft ...WTF?

there are more but I'm too tired to list... just trust me it didn't make any sense at all how i wrote!!! It's understandable if you write "gieng" or "wier" because you already say it longer but "X" as a Z????

Anyway, my room is "entmistet"~ mam is happy, me is hapy~♥

good night~♥
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Puka  :3
21 Juli 2007 @ 15:40
you know what?

it's hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot!!!!
even though it's colder outside, the fresh and cold air doesn't want to come in my room *why?* I even opened the balcony door so normally the air would strike through my room like mad and slam my door... but nothing happens... wonder why... *searching.for.an.evil.spirit.who.likes.to.tease.puka*...


anybody willing to give me an FAN?

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goes to drink some juice...

PS: somehow not going out/sleeping/drinking water/eating good stuff doesn't affect my body at all it's more like my body looks better each day *HOLY*! I don't know if it is the food or the fact that I sleep more (somebody said that people who sleep more lose weight *haha*) well i don't care it's great *gg*

but it's still hot *gnah*! ......... *vorsich.hin.hechelt*

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Puka  :3

Waterboys @ Filmpodium
Sonntag 8. Juli, 10:30
Tickets: for free~

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Puka  :3
04 Juli 2007 @ 17:07
well...stupid me was really tired...got to sleep...woke up...got thirsty...took a bottle of water with me..drunk...closed it...laid it next to me...slept again XD

any idea what happened????

well my mousy can tell a loooooooooong looooong story about it ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ_彡☆ kekeke

in any case you do not know who's mousy and why it has the permission to sleep right next to me... well ....then get to know me better!!!!

my poor baby had to be blow-dried ( ̄~ ̄;) it was all soaked because I haven't closed the bottle that well *cough* XD it was quiet a bit pissed about it~

well I had my entertainment of the day ~( ≧▽≦)~♪

poor mousy~

well then I'm off again~

EDIT: I'm goint to load HANA Kimi NOW!!!! *_______________*
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Puka  :3
23 Mai 2007 @ 23:39
Hana Kimi 2007 (JAPAN)

stolen from D-addicts vanjuve~♥


best news of the day~♥

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and tonight PotC 3 *_____________________*

happy little puka~♥
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Puka  :3


You know there is a tree right next to our block and there lives a fucking bird who "tschilps" from 6 AM to 8 PM the whole DAMN DAY!!!!!!!!



HE "tschilps" like mad and in always the same frequence and notes T______________T

Please! SHUT UP!!!!

I really love animals but in case of that fucking bird I really wish someone would kill it!!!
How can he "tschilp" the whole day without any break T__T even humans can't talk the whole day without a break T____T....

...so lost...


Current Location: HOME T____T
Current Mood: crushedcrushed
Current Music: ...haven't you read my entry?!!!! "TSCHILP"!!!!
Puka  :3


~Puka~ is officially dead from

Thuesday 03.04.07
Thursday 12.04.07

No message will reach her during that time so please try it later!
(You may try contact her in hell... on your own risk!)


Try to steal my precious time and I'm so gonna kill you XD!!!

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